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Leesburg, OH 45135

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About J.R. Enterprises

The J.R. Enterprises slogan, Where Quality Increases Comfort, truly describes our mission. Our determination to produce the highest quality products results in comfort for the owner, animal, and handlers. The quality of our products is achieved by focusing on three design considerations:

• Safety
• Sanitation
• Efficiency

Safety also begins with quality. Starting with quality materials our skilled craftsmen take pride in the production of each project. Basic design features such as: narrow spacing, ridged clamping, and a secure latch ensure the safety of the animals in your facility.

The comfort and health of the animals in your facility greatly depends on your choice of kennel systems. The J.R. Enterprises Kennel System is quick and easy to clean and sanitize. Our blade and angle design allows direct access at the base of each isolation panel. The direct access allows for a thorough cleaning in a timely manner. A kennel system that is quick and easy to clean also greatly increases the efficiency of your facility.

J.R. Enterprises further contributes to the efficiency of your facility by providing a variety of accessories that make the daily operation of your facility quicker and easier. These accessories compliment the high quality and smooth operation of our basic kennel system components.